The TEaM School

Based in Barcelona, one of Europe’s main technological hubs, The TEaM School is created by a group of international entrepreneurs that have joined to set up a unique school that will change the way youngsters are trained.

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Why choose between an IT School and a business school?

Whether one wants to create one’s own start up or join an in¬ternational company, these two expertises are compulsory and complementary to be able to develop technological projects. Today, recruiters’ most wanted profiles are those allying those two set of skills and our goal is that our students master both technological and management skills set and culture.

Why is the TEaM School innovative?

The tech environment is evolving at a tremendous speed while the education system is both proving little flexible and having a hard time adapting to these disruptive and rapid changes. To face this challenge, we have realized that there is a need for a program that constantly adapts to the latest technological trends and the job market current needs.

A word from the director


Technologies spur breakthrough innovations, transforming and benefiting society in countless new ways but also quickly reshaping industries and society. These changes are creating a huge demand for employees with the technical skills to innovate and implement as well as the “human” skills that technology cannot replace such as leadership, critical thinking or design thinking to be able to manage innovation. As these profiles searched by recruiters are scarce, we decided to create the TEAM School.
We have developed a very strong, up-to-date technology and innovation program, centering our learning methodology on case studies, issued from real companies challenges or projects, along with a management program (law, finance, marketing & communication, ..) that will allow students to efficiently enter in the corporate world.

Furthermore, we wish to let our students design part of their curriculum “ a la carte” allowing them the choice to certain electives based on their preferences and professional goals, and receive individual attention/coaching with the assistance of our corporate partners, represented by international IT professionals.
We are eager to welcome and train our students towards a successful career.


"Adapting to current events and the real needs of the market by integrating both IT and management language."

Our Pedagogical Proposition

We have set up a learning methodology that will systemati¬cally apply and test the theoretical courses in projects and business cases - extracted from real industry situations - to keep our students constantly connected to real life and up to date tech evolution.

The TEaM School provides all the theoretical knowledge and techniques necessary to train experts in IT and managers, that will be able to take up the technological challenges while thoroughly understanding what business and startups are.

The TEaM School‘s teaching methodology is based on solving extensive real-company case studies, which we believe, helps our students test their technical skills, develop their creativity and practice teamwork while growing their knowledge of both company’s issues and organization. By training on case studies, we aim to develop the necessary skillset of today and tomorrow’s leaders: creativity, communication, team spirit, team management, ne¬gotiation, adaptability, etc.
Tomorrow’s leaders are those who will understand the market and be able to innovate.


Brigitte Fournier

Ancien CEO Noir sur Blanc International
Enseignement et recherche

Jean-Marie Le Monze

École National des Télécommunications de Paris London Business School

Michel Dellinger

CEO - Dune Consulting
Tuck business School – Reputation Management Institute New York

Yannick Biyong

Science Po Paris
Université Paris Dauphine
CEO - Logiques Publiques

Anna Gassió

Science Po

Patricia Desrousseaux

ISEG Paris

Laurent Chabbal

IE Business School Madrid

Gaëlle Calmo

Kedge Business School
Customer Experience

Sylvain Cassaro

CEO - Isnocloud


Michel Zieziulko

DG Vodka Le Baron


Christine Ho Hio Hen

HEC Paris
CEO - Ecomax

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