Attending the TEaM School, students will graduate from a IT Bachelor degree in 3-year, completed by a 2-year Master degree.

The TEaM School aims at graduating students with the latest information technology skills and will include majors such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or robotics ... equally combined with a strong set of management and soft skill that will help them thrive both in a team and in a private company.

Our pedagogical proposal

The TEaM School develops a learning by doing methodology, systematically applyingthe theoretical knowledge acquired to actual business cases provided by its partners.

Students will work in teams on projects brought on by our partners and willhence learn and practice problem-solving in teams. Last, the TEAM school focuses on developing a common set of soft skills and business skills in order to enable our IT specialists to also address customer and market needs, accept finance and logistics constraints, .... thereby practicing hands-on design-thinking during their studies. The TEaM Schools aims at both training and mentoring students to become IT engineers, that are also able to communicate, team work, manage and lead.

Why ?

The TEaM School is convinced that information technology will continue tothrive and remain a major recruiting market.

All companies development plan integrates information technology (IT) be it voluntarily or forced, be it on a small orlarger scale, whatever their industry (brick-and-mortar or fintech). There is nobusiness today, which roadmap excludes information technology.


Gaëlle CALMO
Customer Experience Consultant

" est urgent de former des managers hybrides alliant de solides connaissance technologiques à de vraies compétences de gestion et de communication..."

The founders

Yannick Biyong

Founder Yannick Biyong

I have overheard recruiters et human resources managers complain about the scarcity of high-level IT developers and managers as well capable to run team work as to grasp ...


Patricia Desrousseaux

Founder Patricia Desrousseaux

For over 30 years, IT schools have trained students so that they can code. These generations of geeks have developped the internet to what It is today. Since then, the wo...


Jean-Marie Le Monze

Founder Jean-Marie Le Monze

Having managed technical and IT teams for many years, I have always had trouble recruiting good project managers capable of not only developing code but also of understan...


Christine Ho Hio Hen

Founder Christine Ho Hio Hen

Our society is facing numerous challenges – environmental, economical or ethic, that can only be solved with great creativity and disruption. The solutions to these issue...


Laurent Chabbal

Founder Laurent Chabbal

The new generation of IT experts works out of passion and challenges rather than out of a sense of duty and routine. The main goal is to learn how to learn, in a world th...


Anna Gassio

Founder Anna Gassio

Je vous invite à regarder autour de vous et essayer de repérer un seul élément qui ne soit pas sujet à la technologie. L’informatique est aujourd’hui présente et essent...


Brigitte Fournier

Founder Brigitte Fournier

The Z generation children – born with a digital world – and Alpha – born in a digital world- , are thinking and learning differently. The ambition and wish of The Team Sc...


Michel Dellinger

Founder Michel Dellinger

In a fast evolving world, we are surrounded by IT enthusiasts, who do not spot the training or degree adapted to their needs. As a manager, I have always looked to recrui...


Gaëlle Calmo

Founder Gaëlle Calmo

Past Chief Technical Officers were required to maintain a park of computers and manage a team of IT engineers, in the underground floors of the company. Today, Chief Info...


Michel Zieziulko

Founder Michel Zieziulko

Being no IT expert, there is one thing I know : the future of the next generations will entail new technologies. How ? I have no idea however there is plenty to still inv...


Sylvain Cassaro

Founder Sylvain Cassaro

The digital economy can now accomplish a new industrial revolution impacting all levels of our society. It impacts how our companies operate, how consumers behave, how ou...